Nick Spanos #NaughtyNick

Observed near the tunnel entrance on Jan 6. 2021 at the Capitol.

Nick Spanos born 1965, is an early American computer programmer, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. In 2013, Spanos, along with the late Andrew Martin, found the Bitcoin Center NYC on the financial district of New York City, across from Wall Street. Nick Spanos later found Blockchain Technologies Corporation and co-founded Zap.Org. He has been featured on the Netflix documentary Banking on Bitcoin.

Spanos, along with Andrew Martin, was best known for starting the first physical Bitcoin exchange in 2013, Bitcoin Center New York City, next to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). He sought to bring greater attention to Bitcoin and Blockchain technologies by opening the Center in a highly visible area.

Spanos can be heard on video saying “Take the Capitol!” “Push those motherfuckers!” “Get those fuckers out of here!” “Throw shit at them!” “They don’t have enough!” “Move forward!”