The Protectors

To the men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department And Capitol Police

Dear Heroes

We have spent thousands of hours watching videos of you. We have viewed more images that we can count. We have seen and heard horrific epithets, the clouds of gas sprayed on you, posts thrown at you and sacred flags used as clubs to beat you. We are witnesses, we will not forget. We will not let the world forget what has been wrought upon you.

We have watched you as you were assaulted time and time again. We have watched you knocked down and cheered for you when you rose again. Many of us have cried for you.

We would like to thank you for your selfless dedication to protect and to serve. We admire your restraint.

May we live to know that this will never happen again on our watch. We will not stop searching for everyone of these traitors/seditionists/criminals because just saying thank you will never be enough.

With Respect

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