James Ray Epps 16-AFO #fedboomer

Ray Epps known to social media as #FedBoomer, #BigMAGACamo #CrowdControl and simply #RayEpps

  • Past President of the OathKeepers (Source: Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid )
  • Retired Marine sergeant from Mesa, Arizona (Source: Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid )
  • Past owner of The Knotty Barn, Queen Creek, AZ (the website now says it is under new ownership Zillow shows Sold on 04/28/22 for $2,200,000)
  • November 2021 Met with the Jan 6 Select Committee. A spokesperson for the committee said Epps testified that he had never been an informant for the FBI and wasn’t working for any law enforcement agency when he attended the protests at the Capitol on the day Congress was set to certify the electoral votes of the 2020 presidential election.
  • Ray Epps did not enter the Capitol building on Jan 6. 2021

News Articles

Arizona man went to Washington for day of Capitol riot, appears to talk about plans in video

Fact Check-Ray Epps’ wife held a position at Dominion Enterprises, not Dominion Voting Systems

New Evidence Undercuts Jan. 6 Instigator Conspiracy Theory
Recordings released to defense lawyers directly challenge assertions by prominent Republicans that an Arizona man named Ray Epps was a federal informant and helped start the Capitol riot.

A Trump Backer’s Downfall as the Target of a Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory
Ray Epps became the unwitting face of an attempt by pro-Trump forces to promote the baseless idea that the F.B.I. was behind the attack on the Capitol.

Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theory Centers on Baseless Claim About Ray Epps

Rays Epps Jan 6 Committee Interview

Ray Epps was included in Photograph #16 which included Ryan Stephen Samsel aka #WhiteHoodie in the first list of photographs put out by the FBI Seeking Information on violence at the United States Capitol.

Epps’ lawyer John Blischak told POLITICO that the reason Epps was removed was, in part, because he was no longer an unidentified suspect. Rather, he called the FBI on Jan. 8 and “explained his position” after a relative informed him that he had been the subject of news reporting related to the riot, Blischak said

January 6, 2021

Posted to Telegram by XRPBarron, Taken the morning of Jan 6, 2021 1400 Constitution Ave, Washington DC
At the start of the video filmer says its really early and there is no room at the Washington Monument
Ray Epps Interview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhQ2wKwf38c&t=268s
“I am here because our Constitution is hanging by a thread. We need to stand up for our Constitution not only for the United States but for the world. If the Constitution falls and the United States falls, the world falls. “
thich.viet Facebook page
Constitution Ave
DOES THIS LOOK LIKE INSURRECTION Front Of March To Capitol Shows Calm And Peaceful Attendees!.mp4
Timecode: 0:33
YouTube | Lisa Hutson The Tipping Point
Timecode: 3:03
Approaching the first barricades at the Peace Circle
Timecode: 0:03
Prior to initial breach interacting with Ryan Stephen Samsel #WhiteHoodie
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In one video, Ray Epps tells another protester, Ryan Samsel, to relax and reminds him that the Capitol police were doing their jobs. According to the Times, Mr Samsel was questioned by the FBI and fully corroborated Mr Epps’ version of events.“ He came up to me and he said, ‘Dude’ — his entire words were, ‘Relax, the cops are doing their job,’” Mr Samsel told investigators. (Source: Independent)

YouTube | Benjamin Reports
DC Riot RAW Video | Morning rally, to Capitol building, police clash with Trump supporters
Timecode: 5:05
Twitter | ElijahSchaffer
ELIJAH SCHAFFER – CONTEXT this clip was captured approximately 3 minutes before the initial barriers were ripped down outside the Capitol
Timecode: 0:01
Photo posted to Instagram by chaekihn
YouTube | FNTV – FreedomNewsTV (SCOOTERCASTER) Siege of The Capitol and Deadly Shooting on January 6th
Timecode: 0:43
Initial Breach Pennsylvania Walkway
HBO Four Hours at the Capitol
Timecode: 10:34
Photo posted to Instagram by chaekihn
Arrival at West Plaza
YouTube | Cop Watch (FireAndPoliceVideos) Police under attack at the US Capitol!!! {4K}
Timecode: 18:15
#SeditionBillboard approaching
YouTube | The Black Conservative Preacher HOLD THE LINE / THE STORM ARRIVED PT. 2
Timecode: 0:57
#SeditionBillboard being shoved into police line
Parler | TylerEthridge (TylerEthridge13)
Timecode: 0:13
#SeditionBillboard being shoved into police line
HOLD THE LINE / THE STORM ARRIVED PT. 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sen2GSMT400&t=70 Timecode: 1:09
After the #SeditionBillboard was pushed into the police line
Timecode: 0:22
Police Bodycam Footage X6039BEYR
Timecode: 1:47
YouTube | Insider News Watch Trump Supporters Storm The Capitol, Forcing Washington Into Lockdown
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Twitter | RichieMcGinniss RichieMcG – Chaos on the police line before it was breached.mp4
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At the beginning of several members of the mob attacking a member of the media archive.org
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Speaking with Todd Branden Casey aka #FleeceNazi YouTube | Action 8 News (UCBJv3HTbI16szVvaPJ_z1UQ)
Timecode: 35:02
Capitol Security Footage Thomas Robertson
Timecode: 12:47
Excellent Faces – President Trump Supporters in Washington D.C. January 6, 2021 (My View)
Timecode: 40:43
Interview after leaving the Capitol
Timecode: 0:29

Transcript of Interview
Epps: I was on Constitutional Ave, we went down first. There was a few of us that got to the gate, there was 4 police officers and some people entered. The gate was taken down and the second gate was there and then went to the third gate. There was some Antifa with us and we didn’t know they were Antifa at that time but they were the violent ones. I was going back and forth trying, tying to tell them not to be not to call policemen names,
Pretty aggressive with police, throwing things, breaking things, there was uh they broke some street lights and some fencing down. They were throwing things, hitting their own people.

Interviewer: How did you know they were Antifa

Epps: We didn’t know they were Antifa, they weren’t us. We’re not violent people. We don’t hate the police department. The police department is on our side. They are taking orders from their boss. They are doing a job, they probably feel the same way we do about this whole thing. But I got to tell ya, when we got to the top and looked back

Interviewer: Top of What?

Epps: The top of the steps

Interview: At the Capitol

Epps: Yep

Interviewer: That’s pretty cool

Epps: It was quite an amazing sight. I got a little emotional when I looked back and saw all the patriots behind us. Thousands of patriots behind us.

Interview: So what is your thinking, why are at that point? Is it to make sure we surround just a visual, are you thinking at that time its just a visual or are you actually thinking its symbolic, what are you thinking?

Epps: I think its symbolic, I think we have tried everything, we’ve been down there several times, we’ve done everything the right way, we haven’t broken any laws

Interviewer: That’s so true

Epps: I’ve been here before with a million and a half people and there wasn’t a piece of trash left on the ground afterwards. There were people there to pick it up and put it away. This is who we are. It’s symbolic because we’ve tried everything the right way and they needed to know that we’re fed up. We’re done.

Interviewer: So you’re saying you are marching down there and it’s one more thing that we as patriots can do to show those elected officials, look we didn’t just come out here to jump around and yell and scream. We came here to be visible and we came here to make a point and that’s right where you are, right? That’s exactly what you’re saying, You want these guys to know

Epps: That’s exactly right. To send a message to them because we are now not a Republic. We don’t have a vote anymore. Our vote was stolen and if our vote is stolen what do we have left? A dictator.

Interviewer: So you get to the top and you don’t see any violence other than maybe than just the way these guys are talking to the police

Epps: Oh no no no these guys were violent with the police. They were tearing things down, they were breaking things and we were trying to calm them down and I’m a pretty big guy so I was able to calm some of them down but I had some of them that wanted to fight. And I’m not gonna fight them. They were very violent. They were very violent. Were they Antifa, I’m positive. Cause that’s how Antifa does things. It’s not how we do things. Uh I don’t know. We had several of us trying to talk them out of it.

Interviewer: And you just basically said they wouldn’t listen to anything you said

Epps: No there were certain ones that would. Most would. They were also throwing things in the air and hitting our own people. Yeah so there was pretty crazy.

Interviewer: Did you see anybody breach the doors to the Capitol?

Epps: I didn’t see the breach. We have a guy go down with an epileptic seizure and he wasn’t breathing. So we were up there before they went in, I had that going on, I helped with that, I helped get him out, out of the area. We had to carry him out. And it was quit a task through all them people.

Interviewer: talks

Epps: the one thing in common we had with everybody there, there were two things, we’re all religious, the second thing, none of us have ever been in jail. Most of us don’t even have a ticket. I mean Congress needs to understand we’re flat out done with it. When I was up there and saw those people behind me it was amazing, amazing. I wish they coulda saw it.

January 5, 2021