Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith retired as an Air Force colonel with over 25 years active duty in space and missile operations, director and test manager for operational testing of weapon systems, USAF Fellow to RAND Corporation, installation and squadron commander, and four years as senior military evaluator for Space, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems under Director, Operational Test, and Evaluation (DOT&E), Office of the Secretary of Defense, exercising oversight of test design, execution, and reporting, advising Congress and senior Department of Defense leaders on operational effectiveness and suitability of critical, complex DoD space programs (e.g. Global Positioning System), costing over $45 billion. He has also been consultant on adversarial assessment special projects for Department of Defense

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Battle over Northeast entrance to U.S. Capitol on January 6 – PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED 4K FOOTAGE
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Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol – Douglas Christian 3min34sec.mp4
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